Acorn: Prosperity & Hope

protection luck silver acorn charm hint jewelryHope, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): fine silver acorn charm

In the fall, acorns delightfully crunch beneath your feet, calling to mind mighty oaks that grew from fragile seeds. The acorn was an ancient symbol of prosperity, power, and protection. Known as the “fruit of the unenclosed land,” the acorn suggests a hidden strength that eventually unfolds into something magnificent and powerful. An acorn is a remembrance that your humble dreams have unlimited potential.

Wear a tiny acorn to appreciate and support your hopes and dreams.


  1. i love the acorn charm... and how such a small natural wonder is created into a small essential pmc wonder - both holding tremendous potential!

  2. Can't wait for fall and these precious little gifts from nature! Thanks for loving up this one :)

  3. a forest is in an acorn ;)
    I adore this little lovely.

  4. so glad you like my little nut, Heather!


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