Do you have an altar? A gathering place?

This amazing piece of turquoise holds a tiny whisker from Saskia, a twig
from Buddha's Bodhi Tree, and my favorite Yogi teabag quote.

Travel light,
live light,
spread the light,
be the light.

This miniature spiritual oasis rests on a larger altar that I've recently redesigned to accommodate my kitty's urn and a locket that holds her fur.

What do you like to place on your altar?

Sometimes my altar becomes too cluttered, and I find myself editing. This time I kept my tin can candle holder from Tuscon, a picture of my favorite goddess White Tara, sweet grass incense, and of course photos of furry loved ones.

Dogwood Lidded Vessel, Whitney Smith Pottery

I found everything I needed to memorialize my beloved Saskia on Etsy. Searching for the perfect urn to hold Saskia's ashes I came across Whitney Smith's lovely Dogwood Lidded Vessel. It seemed the perfect reminder of all those blue sky days when I would watch her hide in the flower beds looking for a butterfly chase.

Heirloom Locket, Jeweled Blossoms

Also, if you are looking for a way to preserve a memory of someone you loved be sure to check out heirloom lockets found at Jeweled Blossoms.


  1. your altar is beautiful...this blog is too neat & familiar! i have my favorite yogi teabag quote - 'may this day bring you peace, tranquility and harmony', kitty whiskers and fur, a favorite acorn and kali ma (among other things)...these places bring comfort and peace... i have my favorite snapple caps on my windowsill - 'if we don't change the direction we are headed, we will end up where we are going' - chinese proverb & 'if you're going through hell, keep going.' - winston churchill (who my cat is named after)... have a great day and thanks for sharing that!

  2. Oh I need one of the lockets Thanks for the post= Julie

  3. What a lovely way to celebrate life and love! I have several urns of dear departed pets located on my bookcase. I think a little altar is a wonderful idea, it brings that feeling of sacredness and spirit to one's dwelling place.

  4. Mary Jane, we must be twins from a past life! Your altar sounds beautiful and I absolutely love that you named your cat Winston Churchill. That guy always makes me crack a smile when I see a picture of him.

    Julie, you'll love the locket :)

    Sharon, thanks so much for connecting with the reverence. How neat to meet another person that loves to keep an essence of their furry loved ones :)

    Sandra, so glad you loved the beauty!


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