Home: Love & Nurturing

silver home house charm hint jewelryHome Sweet Home, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): fine silver home charm

Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, finding home is as easy as three clicks of your heels. Houses may shelter you from the outside world and represent an endearing symbol of nurturing, but for me the image of a home suggests the soul’s search for its place – a still point amidst the swirling chaos. This illusive feeling of being at home is sometimes hard to locate, but once you find the space inside your abundant heart filled with love and compassion, home is infinitely spacious and always accessible. Life is one deliciously wonderful experience knowing that home is waiting inside you!

Wear Home Sweet Home and let your heart be nurtured and sheltered…


  1. "the image of a home suggests the soul’s search for its place" wow, I love that saying...what beautiful words this morning. thank you.


  2. I am having coffee in bed this am and am linking around a favorite thing to do before I start my day and I just found you What lovley charms are they PMC. I must head to etsy for a peek.

  3. So glad you loved the idea about a soul's search for it's home, Anji :)

    Nice to meet you Julie! How fun surfing the web in bed with a cup of mojo...I must remember to do this more often :) Yes, my charms are created from PMC.

  4. Lovely sentiments...it's amazing how a song, book, or a scent can bring memories of home, or of being at home/content with oneself. Beautiful pendant, Beth!

  5. a really interesting way to express the concept of your most sacred inner space... my kids and i talk about our literal, physical home as their safe place from the world - meaning that if something in the outside world has hurt them or when they are pushing limits and buttons with each other, i remind them that no one is allowed to violate the harbor of home for them... but this is such an intimate idea... i really love it... thanks for allowing me to look at something in a completely different way!

  6. You and I share some very similar thoughts and the timing is magical. I have been writing (working on a zine) on the symbolic meaning of keys and the soul's yearning for a place to fit in. Great post and I love the charm. Have a wonderful week.

  7. Mary Jane, love that your kids have a safe harbor! Like some protected wilderness for their growing spirits. Must be a special home.

    Sharon thanks so much for visiting and enjoying this post. So glad you like the pendant.

    T.Allen-Mecardo love keys so much! At one point almost named my business keyhole. Isn't it funny how our soul's seem to feel they don't already fit in...well at least mine is sometimes in doubt :)


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