Linda Thiltgen

Isn't this just the best idea? Wow, living your life every day as if it was a message. What would that look like? Would I be shouting it out or whispering? Just pondering this concept for five minutes made me realize how often I get distracted from my own path.

Linda Thiltgen, a creative spirit from Minnesota, has been exploring art and design for over 30 years, and produces these inspirational tile sets that explore the simple beauty of nature.

She has a passion for fabric, textures, and Asian art. Using these inspirations, Linda also creates paperweights, pillows, and framed collages like this lovely piece entitled Autumn Cirque. Every artwork holds a message -- visible or invisible -- and is meant to empower the spirit and be a reminder to the beauty that surrounds us.

I was instantly drawn to Linda's work because of my own fondness for birds and leaves. Thank you, Linda for finding me on Etsy!


  1. Thanks Beth! I just love your art and the messages your work holds. I'm enjoying our new-found kin-ship and look forward to traveling this life together. Wishing you creative energy and a peaceful, joy-filled day.

  2. Checked out Linda's site - am in awe of her work! Nature-inspired art resonates deep within me (which is why I love your pieces!). Thanks so much for sharing Linda's passion.

  3. beautiful, thank you for sharing this with us! you are like our blogging oprah - one of the things i have always loved about her is that she shares every great thing/person she comes across... she wants to pass it around... grateful that you do the same thing! it makes our lives richer...

  4. Linda, you are so welcome! I had a hard time deciding on which inspirational message to post :)

    Catherine and Mary Jane so glad you felt connected to Linda's work!


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