New Blossom

silver gold lotus charm yoga inspired jewelryNew Blossom, Beth Hemmila: fine silver, gold filled chain/wire, and aquamarines

This tiny, silver lotus bud with its sparkle of gold sunshine looks so ephemeral when dangling next to your heart.

silver gold lotus charm yoga inspired necklace
I created New Blossom while thinking about those times when you look at someone and no matter if you feel peace or stress, you stop watching the outside drama and see the ineffable beauty and aliveness in the moment.

silver gold lotus charm yoga inspired jewelry
Where you stop consciously listening and interpreting words and feel the full force of what another human being is expressing. Sometimes I wonder why it takes me so long to find that place of simple calm because its power shines like pure radiance on both people.

May I remember each day to return to this place :)


  1. Sometimes the most powerful emotions are not conveyed through words or actions, but by simply being in that crystalline moment of pure spiritual connection. Your blossom speaks volumes on so many different planes. Beautiful!

  2. Hi there, I love this design. So simple but striking. I made a silver pendant on a gold chain the other day, and my partner said the combo didn't work, but I like the warmth of the gold with the cool silver.

    Wish I could carve like you! :)


  3. Thanks Sharon for enjoying the moment with me!

    Angela, thanks so much for the feedback on the mix of metals. I love both silver in gold so it's fun to see them together. Thanks for your complements on the sculpting!


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