Here at Hint Jewelry I am working teeny, tiny. I mean REALLY minuscule! Think the size of a dinner plate you might buy for a dollhouse dining room table. Sometimes a closeup photograph distorts the smallness of my charms, making them seem gigantic, and so I put together a series of relative size photos that can help shoppers understand just how tiny feels next to a dime.





  1. great idea
    i love small and dainty, myself.

  2. Such detail in something so very small! WOW - your eyes are infinitely better than mine, what lovely little TINY goodies, my dear!

  3. So glad you love miniature!! I suppose I'm always trying to capture the essence of a kitten nose or bud of a spring flower that you have to get up real close to see :)

  4. I love teeny tiny myself - it's a joke in my family!

  5. One of my old professors used to say, if you can't do it good, do it big! He always busted those who carried in gigantic projects. Yours are very very good!! Lovely!!

  6. good idea as even an 1/8" or mm or 2 really do make a difference in diameter...
    all the more credit to you for your ability to capture the essence of such meaningful things... you really need to pare it down and be selective... proving once again that great things do come in small packages! i personally love the way the charm holds my body heat... i find myself reaching up to rub it throughout the day...

  7. Sharon, I just adore your professor's concept. Haha!

    Mary Jane, now that you mentioned it I hadn't thought about how much I enjoy the radiant heat from the silver charms. Metal is so scrumptious to touch :)


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