buried treasure?

beautiful gift

vast emptiness

something to hold onto



you unfolding...

into perfect freedom

I hope you enjoyed the journey inside my secret box. I created this piece for the Out of the Box exhibition at the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. My donated box will be auctioned off to generous supporters helping fund this museum's mission. My inspiration for the piece was using the jewelry box as a metaphor for my creative womb. Hmmmm, if I could be on Trading Spaces for wombs what would it look like?

spaciousness...freedom...compassion for our transient nature

In this tiny box I've pieced together my favorite things: infinite blue, unending landscape, horses, flowers, and trees. The "dew that flies" is a quote from Sylvia Plath's poem "Ariel." I'm drawn to it because it reminds me of innocence that is meant to be lost and repeated. The apple with the thorns is taken from a drawing I did visually reinterpreting Snow White. The necklace composed of a Free Spirit charm and a delicate, faceted aquamarine.

I'm really looking forward to sending this little box off to its next destination in time! A joy to have been included in this amazing event. Thank you to the National Wildlife Art Museum for accepting my offering :)


  1. that piece is perfectly conceptualized and executed... you must be so pleased & a little sad to see it go? stunning in every aspect, the idea, the colors, themes, art in multimedia... the layers go deeper and deeper in meaning (spot on for relaying the ideas of infinite creativity which draws from the universe but blossoms within our core)... and how perfect to use the free spirit charm... your treasure box will surely be treasured... and how lucky for you both that your generosity collided with their cause, for would you have been inspired to create this otherwise? your depth inspires me... mary jane

  2. Beth, I very much enjoyed this journey and your secret box is so lovely!
    I am also looking forward to your post next Wednesday.

  3. I love this. All those wonderful layers of meaning contained in one whole. Beautiful.

  4. Congratulations on being included in the museum's event! What a beautiful box. Thanks for sharing the inspiration behind each choice for the box.

  5. Oh this all holds together so beautifully, Julie

  6. What a beautiful contribution, in design and sentiment. Congratulations on participating as well; win win.

  7. Thanks to everyone for enjoying this little box. Definitely a little sad to see it go but very thankful to be included in an event at the National Museum of Wildlife art which is such a beautiful organization!

  8. Beautiful! Eerie that I've been painting a cigar box today. I'm sure your secret box will whisper to me as I finish up mine.

  9. Fun Vickie! Hope your box holds a bit of your magic :)


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