Beehive: Friendship & Belonging

silver beehive charm by hint jewelryBelonging, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): fine silver beehive charm

Alive with the buzz of an exuberant community, beehives spin golden, sticky honey that makes life a little bit sweeter. Hives foster a fragile harmony so as to nurture a rich and intricate shelter -- a home and a place of belonging. The symbol of a beehive celebrates the essence of steadfast friendships, where faithfulness, intimacy and trust create intangible moments that feel like coming home.

Wear a Beehive to celebrate the enduring bonds of friendship, closeness and belonging.


  1. Perfect timing! I just had the most amazing 5 days at a workshop where there was plenty of renewing friendships and new friendship. There was such a great feeling of closeness, belonging and support. Nice to symbolize it with a beehive.

  2. Wow, Ruth, 5 glorious days in a workshop! What fun and how rejuvenating bonding with new and old friends.


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