Bollywood & Beads

In the middle of a dreary January, I received this cheerful beaded necklace from one of my nieces for my birthday. A spunky ladybug and some bright colors transported me instantly to spring and summer!

Simultaneously, I had been watching a quirky Hollywood Bollywood movie called Marigold that sizzles with color, dance, and music. In making art, I love that inspiration can come from anywhere. Most often it arrives when I least expect it. However, I know when it has come knocking because it feels like drinking the most energizing glass of orange juice -- incredibly alive and connected.

Using my niece's colorful beaded necklace and the spirit of Bollywood as a jumping off point, I decided to add some punch to my spring and summer jewelry collection. Here are a few necklaces where I paired little bits of color with tiny creatures. Thanks so much to my niece for inspiring me to shake up my color palette!

Eva, Beth Hemmila: garnet, peridot, amethyst, fine and sterling silver

Floria, Beth Hemmila: garnet, peridot, iolite, fine and sterling silver

Mimi, Beth Hemmila: carnelian, peridot, amethyst, fine and sterling silver


  1. they're beautiful!
    i too need to incorporate more color in my pieces. thanks for inspring me.

  2. OOOOOH, love the last one, MIMI, oh-so-pretty! gorgeous colors.
    Boy, your wirework is too, too wonderful, WOW.

  3. all are beautiful, but i especially like mimi... after i work with neutrals for a while, i love to do something bright... it's just fun!

  4. Thanks ladies! I'm so glad you like the color and that mimi necklace seems to draw a lot of people to my shop, so I appreciate the positive feedback :) Cheers to keeping color alive!

  5. Love the MIMI Beth, I think it's the orange...but I like them all!!

  6. Spontaneously, I would say I liked MIMI best also. Trying to see why (after all, the necklaces are ALL beautiful), I think it is because the background of the picture is in contrast to the colour of the stones, it makes them pop.

  7. Such sweet little necklaces. Love the added pieces of color...Mimi is my favorite!

  8. Haha! Maybe that's why mimi doesn't sell because I love her too much also! I love the orange too, but I have yet to sell a piece of jewelry with carnelian in it, so I'm always stumped. Alas, maybe in the fall. Thanks so much Sharon, Stregata, and Rosanne for checking out this new pieces!

  9. Beth your work is so beautiful.

    I love the colourful necklace and the flower picture.

    Lucky Auntie.

    Renee xoxo


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