Finding Your Stillpoint

kandinsky paintingWassily Kandinsky’s Farbstudie Quadrate (Color Study of Squares)

I am a letting go -- an absolute still point of divine existence.

(Beth Hemmila)

Lately I’ve been playing with stillness. What does inner stillness feel like? Can I access stillness in every moment no matter the situation?

This quote about stillness is from a book I wrote over the last year. My book of inspirational phrases – teabag therapy if you will – has yet to see the light of day. I am deeply anxious to produce this book so it has an outward voice, but I have all these unanswered questions that are holding up the publication process.

This is where I’m learning to rely more on stillness and letting go. I have come to accept that my little book has its own time and space already decided. I’m sure it will let me know when its ready to greet the world, so in the meantime I will continue on my merry, creative way and focus on seemingly concrete reality…

silver modern chakra charm yoga inspired jewelryStillness, Beth Hemmila: garnet, peridot, amethyst,
carnelian, gold-filled chain/wire, and fine silver

Like this necklace inspired by Art Bead Scene’s June Monthly Challenge: Wassily Kandinsky's painting Farbstudie Quadrate (Color Study of Squares). The colors say vibrant movement and passionate energy, but I wanted to know if one could feel stillness in the middle of this visual excitement. I edited Kandinsky’s beautiful cascade of color into little dabbles of elegance.

Stillness, Beth Hemmila: garnet, peridot, amethyst,
carnelian, gold-filled chain/wire, and fine silver

Are you feeling the stillness? :)


  1. Beth, I love that design, the gemstones and that beautiful charm, so harmonious. You have a beautiful mind, hope you share your journey book soon! I know it is wonderful, just from knowing you through the internet.

  2. I love your stillness Beth. All of your work shows great stillness, peace and calm...at least that's what I see when I look at it. My stillness started 2 days ago, when I had had enough of stomach troubles, and decided to start doing yoga again. I had practiced it for years, but you know how details of life get in the way. I decided 40 minutes out of the day HAD to be about stillness for me. Mentally it is certainly wonderful...the physical part is yet to be determined.
    I would relish your book if produced...wishing you the best with that!!
    Your piece is lovely!

  3. The book when it arrives in its own time a space will be a wonderful reminder for us all, as this post was. I am trying everyday to have a quite spiritual time .Boy it is hard to shut down the chatter in ones brain..

  4. I love that your challenge creation symbolizes a deeper meaning for you. Thank you for sharing part of your sweet and tender spiritual journey on your blog. Whenever I visit here I'm reminded to take a step back and enjoy the moment.

  5. Beautiful post.
    Stillness (the feeling of it, really) is something I'm striving for...which is, I guess, such a contradiction. Let's say I'm longing for it, or moments of it.
    To me, the pendant you created is such a good rendition of this idea/feeling of stillness. The anchored and quiet element keeping its nature and presence among the moving and swirling dots of colors. It always amazes me when artists manage to express an abstract idea through their creation. So good.

  6. Beautiful design . . . beautiful thoughts . . . beautiful person.

  7. So glad you are all finding stillness in your own way too!

    Sharon, yahoo yoga!! You go girl :)

    Julie, I hear you on the chatter. Mine is nonstop unless I make a date with it and boy it makes a difference when I miss it.

    Craftyways, I'm so glad you saw the thought come through in the pendant. It's always nice to have feedback when working abstractly like this.

    Catherine, you are so sweet and beautiful to me! Thanks for connecting with this post.

    Lynn, thanks for the encouragement on the book. It is languishing...

    Heather, thank you so much for enjoying this necklace and my posts. I love that you get that cherished extra second in your life after reading my words.

  8. your necklace is beautiful and i love the new charm design... hoping it will be offered in the etsy shop... stopping the head static is so difficult... seems like you have to aspire to stillness on a cellular level... thanks for the beautiful blog -

  9. The necklace is gorgeous and so is the man's below.

    I love that 'teabag therapy'. Looking forward to hearing that your little quote book is published.

    Love Renee xoxo

  10. thanks Renee! glad you like my teabag therapy book idea...it needs some reassurance like this :)

  11. Oh, your work is beautiful. I especially love seeing the image that inspired the piece. It makes my appreciation of your necklace all the richer.


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