Got Tomatoes?

Welcome to my blog series on copyright! This is the final installment in a four part series in which I am exploring the spiritual and emotional context of copyright. I am in no way minimizing the legal and practical issues surrounding this complex topic, but would like to offer space to muse about questions and feelings that arise. To catch up on the whole series and read insightful comments by fellow bloggers, click here.

What I am about to suggest seems to be the core issue that erupts when our hearts are mindfully dancing around copyright...

Deep underneath our uncomfortable and guarded feelings about copyright there exists a fundamental concern for our basic survival needs. I could just flat out say "money," but down deeper in the rabbit hole is one of our primal fears -- do I have sufficient means to survive? Life and death stuff. That's what gets our hearts all in a dither over copyright. Sufficiency. Do I have enough money to feed, cloth and shelter my family?

What if we were able to conceive that there is always enough of everything we need? Would we begin to see money as a beautiful metaphor? Like the gigantic flow of resources that come through our lives in every moment (e.g., light, air, water, matter, etc.)?

Got Tomatoes?

Everything I'm about to propose has all been digested and reconstituted from two of my favorite resources:

In my neighborhood, we have a farmer's market on Saturdays. I'm constantly amazed that in one small city block at least four or five vendors are all selling exactly the same produce. If you want tomatoes, what wonderful local farmer do you choose? The one with the most appealing name? The one with the longest line because they must have the tastiest? The one with the shortest line because you're in a rush? The one with the friendliest employees, shouting out funny jokes? Or the one that you've been going to for the last ten years because you've built a relationship with the owner?

My point is that you can have very similar products all competing with each other and still be successful because ultimately each buyer will have a different reason for choosing the tomato that best fits them. How cool is that?!

"People are physically moved towards the person who is vulnerable enough to make visible the deep essence quality of what their heart is giving." - Mark Silver

The basis of Mark Silver's business concept is that if you share your purest gift, then you will automatically create resonance with the right people -- the people who want to be drawn into your establishment of giving and receiving. Moreover, the best part is that you are not suppose to serve everyone in your business, because they are meant to be helped by someone else.

By letting go of needing to have everyone or everything in your business, then you begin to see a pattern of wholeness in the world. This primal knowledge that there is enough of everything can become our natural state of conscious sufficiency. When I am able to live from this place of wholeness, then my basic needs for nourishment are always met and fears that may arise from this question of copyright seem to diminish as I see a design greater then myself.


  1. This series has been just wonderful. We each have our own - that you so much for sharing!

  2. Oh my gosh! That just gave me the greatest sigh of relief! Words to live by! I've always felt that there is room for everyone but reading your words and the quote from Mark Silver was just the thing I needed right now. Yay! and thank you!

  3. A beautiful thought to wrap this endless thought process. Thank you sooo much!

  4. Thank you for sharing that wisdom. I have never thought about this in that context. It's harder after working for an IP firm....but I get it and it makes one more peaceful.

  5. Just beautiful.....I always know I cannot have everything, nor do I want it. Everyone has a place here and a purpose, known or not, felt or not. Your insight is beautiful. I myself make very little money as an artist, yet the further I create, the better I am feeling, and I do know that I am taken care of in this world...by the greater good. Thanks Beth...and for stopping by my blog!

  6. Beautiful! These are such lovely and comforting thoughts. I think we are part of a greater whole and an interconnectedness. Thank you so much for putting words to this idea.

  7. A meaningful subject that's in consideration in several places, thought I'd share these two with you:


    Ornamentea has a current post about copyright, with a link here to Sylvia Landman's detailed post on the subject:


  8. Great advice flowing from great wisdom. I have always believed there is more than enough to go around and that God/Universe supplies everything we need in great abundance. We just have to ask.

    Thanks for posing these questions on your blog; I feel this is a safe place to share thoughts and opinions on this delicate subject. Now, I have to order Mark Silver's book and devour it!

  9. This has been so rejuvenating, having so many people touch in with this subject in a genuine way. I thank you all for taking in my words and letting them into your life.

    Lynn thanks so much for the links to other blog posts. I'm looking forward to hear what other people say.

    Sharon, glad you are drawn to Mark Silver's work. I love his blog.

    Waterrose, thanks so much for stopping by to connect with this posting!

  10. Great series...thank you for doing this...it was done with delicacy and thoughtfulness and humbleness...beautiful!

  11. This post on copyright supports our philosophy at Off Center Productions. Our naming of it is " skunk energy". We make beautiful porcelain pendants, baskets and beads. Our customers fall into two groups: raving fans -- who like/love our quirky ways and love our skunky energy and porcelain. And those who don't. The group that do not buy our work will never buy our work so we are free to make what we love and what we believe in or what is tickling our fancy at the moment. Talk about freedom. Joan Tucker


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