Kat's Creations

Urban Chic Labradorite Necklace, Kathryn Ernst (Kat's Creations):
labradorite and sterling silver

Is anyone else out there just nutty over labradorite gemstones? Every time I walk into a bead shop, I have to hold myself back from buying more and adding to the ever growing stash in my studio! So it's no wonder that for a substitute fix, I love stopping by Kathryn Ernst's shop Kat's Creations and perusing her beautiful jewelry designs featuring gorgeous labradorite gemstones.

Diversity Necklace, Kathryn Ernst (Kat's Creations):
pearls and sterling silver

By the time I get through with the labradorite jewelry, I'm fully drawn in and soaking up her wonderful way of creating simplicity with semi-precious stones and metal. Don't you just adore the thought of mixing different pearls and calling it Diversity?! It's so clever and heartwarming all at the same time.

Quartz Necklace with Prehnite and Sterling, Kathryn Ernst (Kat's Creations):
green tourmaleted quartz, prehnite, and sterling silver

This beauty is another one of my favorites. I'm thinking that a few of my tribal belly dancing gals would love to wear this gorgeous prehnite and quartz necklace in a performance. The pattern Kathyrn creates with the stones is so dynamic, and that delicious milky, green color reminds me of a refreshing summer drink I can't put my finger on, but I get thirsty just looking at it :)

There is something for everyone at Kat's Creations, so make sure you stop by for summer shopping!


  1. YES!!! I am in love with this stone too!! I FINALLY ordered a few strands yesterday. Can't wait to play. It's just so beautifully rustic!

  2. raises hand, 'me, i do!' ... i adore labradorite and it is one of the stones i refuse to buy online in strands as i cannot see the iridescence... kathryn's jewelry is really beautiful... love the wirewrapping and rustic nature... feeling like i hafta shoot on over to her shop now! enjoy the weekend...

  3. Wow - beautiful work! I love Labradorite too!

  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog, it was sweet of you. :0)

  5. fun to know there are other labradorite groupies out there too!


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