Like Water for Chocolate

Chocolate, Beth Hemmila: garnet, gold filled, sterling and fine silver

This little necklace came about after re-reading Like Water for Chocolate. Of course any movie or novel that deals with chocolate or any other beloved food tends to become my best friend.

I kept this piece simple, using a tiny flaming heart milagro from my shop and then spicing it up with a couple passionate garnets. I've been playing with gold-filled wire and the mix of metals with the deep red seemed to give it a Mexican feel.

With my focus on telling stories through jewelry, I've had fun translating some of my favorite reads into wearable mementos. Anyone else using books as a jumping off point for their creative process? I'd love to hear what you're reading or what stories I've been missing.


  1. beautiful necklance' i just love all of your pieces!
    i never taught about using my fav books.
    i've so sick all week and i'm just getting back into the swing of things again. maybe thinking about my fav books will spark some creative ideas.
    i'm going to take a walk around out garden for inspiration as well. I haven't been out for awhile.

  2. Thanks Sandra! Glad you like books as inspiration. When I stopped by your blog I thought you may be on vacation, instead you're sick. Gosh that stinks. Hope you get your energy back and find some creative flow :)

  3. Lovely design and what a great way to find inspiration from a favourite book!

  4. Hi Beth...and thanks for the sweet comment on my necklace! Glad to see we're waiting together!!
    I've never created from a book, sounds like a fantastic idea I'll have to try...I'll put it on the list of things to do next. I have about 15 loose notes hanging around of ideas to try also, plus my notebook. Seems that the more I keep going....my mind NEVER stops with the ideas. I used to be an avid reader....keep saying I'm going to start up again. Any good suggestions? My all time favorite book is Blindness(Jose Saramego), and close second would be Geek Love(Katherine Dunn). You have my head spinning already with the possibilities!! Extra challenging too!
    Your pieces, as with this one, are so simplistically gorgeous......they say so much with so little...Wonderful aesthetics!!

  5. Your necklace is beautiful! And I love hearing about your jumping off point for creative endeavors! Often, the supplies I have on hand form my jumping off point.

  6. thanks for loving up this tiny necklace, Frivolitea! I always admire how people can look at material and see different ways of putting them together, so thanks for sharing your intuitive process :)


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