silver leo lion charm jewelry menCourage, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry):
fine silver lion charm

Who are my Hint Jewelry men? What do they look like? Are they surfers, bikers, yogis, rockers, club goers, college guys, businessmen, primary caretakers, or athletes? This question has been on my mind lately. As Father's Day quickly approaches, I realize that I haven't been spending a whole lot of time designing for my inner masculine voice, and I'm ready to take the leap and discover my other side.

No doubt, one of my strongest masculine images is this Courage charm. Bless his heart, my husband wears this lion charm on a leather cord every day. This symbol celebrates his fiery Leo personality: strength, intelligence, determination, and courage to be himself in every moment.

silver egyptian anubis dog jackal charm jewelry menProtector, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry):
fine silver egyptian Anubis jackal dog charm

Whenever I see a man buy a charm from my shop, I have this incredible urge to get nosy. Does this happen to you? Are they buying a gift? Are they making jewelry for themselves or a friend? Why are they drawn to this symbol? Alas, I keep my questions to myself, but maybe you have have some ideas about my mystery man.

The power and clarity in Egyptian design feels masculine to me. So the Protector charm, symbolizing the Egyptian god Anubis, reminds me of a poker chip. In fact, my husband told me that poker players often use a coin-like card protector. This made me giggle to think my charms might help some lucky soul hit the big one playing Texas hold 'em!!

Another idea for Protector was shared by a friend who created a charm necklace for her police officer sister to wear under her bullet proof vest. I thought her idea was so amazing. Can you see a whole police force wearing Protector under their uniforms -- a reminder to act from a place of compassion and understanding both towards themselves and others?

silver greyhound whippet puppy dog charm jewelryLove Dog, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry):
fine silver greyhound whippet dog charm

Need I say more? Man's best friend? I definitely created this Love Dog while thinking about the joyful exuberance that is a consistent characteristic of the men in my life. The men I know seem to easily understand the carefree and playful nature of a dog, and this silly quality always brings me back to center when I find myself getting too serious.

silver meditation om charm yoga jewelry menOm, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry):
fine silver om charm

One of my deepest connections with men is through spirituality. Being a seeker, that fellowship has taken on many religious guises, but consistently I have always found deep awareness in the spiritual company of men. No wonder my Om charm is one of the best sellers among my male friends on Etsy.

silver peace sign charm new agePeace, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry):
fine silver peace charm

Lastly, I have always bonded with men through my solid foundation in humanitarianism. This bold peace sign represents my core value of compassionate care for the suffering of others.

What about you? Do you design for men? Do you seek inside yourself for that creative masculine voice that connects with the various men in your life? What surprises you about the men you design for? I'd love to hear about your experiences with a male audience.


  1. My husband has a true love dog personality.

  2. I also wonder about the men who buy my beads. I know my husband appreciates my work and takes interest in what comes out of my kiln. But what motivates these men to buy the beads out of my shop? And what do they do with them? Do they turn them into masculine creations for other men? I ask for pictures of what happens to my beads when they grow up, but I am left wondering most of the time.

    LOVE your Om charm, but the Love Dog really makes me smile!

  3. All of your pieces are quite wonderful! I believe men who purchase your work are most likely charmed by the work's simple beauty and are interested in sharing that with others.

    I personally enjoy the carefree rabbit run

  4. Mari, you too! What a wonderful life to be blessed with a love dog as your partner. Enjoy :)

    Kelley, I'm so glad you shared your curiosity about the unknown man factor. Now I'm starting to think I should just ask all my male friends on Facebook to complete a survey to keep my mind open.

    To the lovely anonymous soul, gosh I hope you are a man telling me you love the rabbit run. I have so many men like the rabbits in my shop and it always surprises me. I'd love to know more about the connection between rabbits and men!


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