Mouse: Vitality & Charm

silver mouse rat charm hint jewelryBianca, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): fine silver mouse or rat charm

Miss Bianca from The Rescuers was always the adventurous and sophisticated type, who would fly off to unknown destinations on a moments notice to help anyone in need. Didn't you just love her spunk and glamour?! Do you also revel in being organized and diligent? Caring for friends in need? Well by gosh, that's what mice are for, and this teeny, tiny mouse is perfect for when you need to call upon your strength to make it through another hectic day. Mice and rats are smart, nimble, and enterprising spirits who know how to achieve big dreams by working step by step on the small details. No wonder people born during the Year of the Rat in the Chinese Zodiac are consider the harbingers of prosperity!

Wear Bianca and draw upon the wisdom, vitality, and charm of a mouse to bring your dreams to life!


  1. I Love the Courage Lion! All of your peices are very Majestic in stature so Regal!
    Janet x

  2. Ah! The Rescuers is one of my all-time favorite movies from childhood, and I love the description of your Bianca charm. Thank you for bringing up such a sweet memory! I also happen to have been born in the year of the rat, so perhaps that's another reason why this post speaks to me and compelled me to comment. I have a few of your charms on my etsy wishlist, so for my upcoming summer birthday I may treat myself to one of your "create your story" pieces. I enjoy reading about the inspiration behind your charms and jewelry designs as much as I admire the pieces themselves; thank you for sharing.

  3. So glad you loved the Rescuers too! Gosh, I meet so many people who are the year of the Rat that love to celebrate that aspect of their lives. What fun! I'd love to see what kind of story you create for yourself as a birthday present. Thanks for commenting and sharing your enthusiasm...gets me energized for the week :)

  4. I love your little mouse :-D


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