earrings by nighblueyAqua and Lemon Lime, NighBluey: freshwater pearls and copper

NighBluey just said the sweetest thing about Hint on her blog..."whisper and walk softly"

I'm tickled by the idea that Hint could be like quiet oasis out on this wild ride called the Internet, and giggling inside because wouldn't you know I'm always running off to Etsy shops like NighBluey for that exciting punch of color. I mean who isn't smacking their lips when they see this juicy pair of earrings called Aqua and Lemon Lime? It's pure energizing refreshment for the eyes.

earrings by nighblueyBlue Candy, NighBluey: glass, metal

Nigh Bluey has a quiet side too; hence, the tag line "jewelry for your ever changing moods." Boy, do I like that because what girl isn't fluctuating day to day, hour to hour, and minute by minute!!

earrings by nighblueyFire Red, NighBluey: glass and sterling silver

Lastly, I'm sure you've all been stewing a bit inside, "hmmmm NighBluey, what an interesting name...wonder what it means?" Well, be sure to run over to NighBluey to find out and end this nagging mystery :)

Many thanks to NighBluey for brightening my day and featuring my shop on your blog!!


  1. Wow, Beth! Thank you very, very much! Is this really about my shop and my "toys"? I am sooo pleased you like my work and appreciate its different moods! oxoxoxo AJ

  2. I love the saturated colors that she uses. beautiful!

  3. you are so welcome AJ! In my world all "toys" should be elevated to a new level of awareness :)

    Glad you loved the colors Chocolate and Steel! Thanks for stopping by my blog for a chat.


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