Peacock: Beauty, Grace & Love

silver art Nouveau peacock charm hint jewelryKrishna Peacock, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): fine silver peacock charm

In Indian folklore, Krishna courts his beloved Radha by dancing like a peacock, symbolizing grace and beauty. The peacock’s divine dance is an act of pure openness, acceptance, and love. Believed to have the ability to thrive on the essence of poisonous plants, the colorful iridescence of peacocks suggests that each soul holds the possibility of transforming fear into shimmering love and compassion.

Wear Krishna Peacock to call upon a brave and rare beauty that has the ability to transform suffering into love.


  1. I love wearing my Krishna peacocks!

  2. What fun to be peacocks together! Hope you are well and swishing your fancy tail around today :)

  3. beautiful work!!! I love this one.

  4. I'd never heard the part about thriving on the essence of poisonous plants. I find the peacock even more enchanting now. Thanks.

  5. The poisonous plant concept was also new to me after doing some more research. It's such a healing thought. Glad you liked it too!


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