Story Necklaces

silver lotus blossom charm yoga inspired jewelryMattison, Beth Hemmila: peridot, carnelian, amethyst, sterling and fine silver

My new custom listing called Your Story has be seeing a lot of action lately. It's been fun watching designs emerge from hearts of other people. Here are a few of the story necklaces that women have been asking me to create. Can you guess the stories?

silver lotus blossom charm yoga inspired jewelryMerryn (Breathe), Beth Hemmila: aquamarine, freshwater pearl, sterling and fine silver

silver lotus blossom charm yoga inspired jewelryChristina, Beth Hemmila: lapis, jasper, rose quartz, moonstone,
lemon topaz, sterling and fine silver


  1. what a wonderful thing to be able to help someone create their story... to incorporate a series of charms that become a self-affirmation ... and to know, that from all of your hard work in choosing symbols and reducing them to their most essential form, you have connected with people...

  2. These are stunning! I love seeing the different charms together!

  3. I love these Beth, my daughters birthday is coming up, do you have a cat charm?

  4. Thanks so much digging these storys!

    Gardanne, so glad you are loving this idea. Unfortunately, I have yet to produce a cat charm that speaks to me. I'm on my 4th design and still no dice. I keep hoping she will arrive this year, because after all I have a cat addiction :)

  5. I just love your work. I am so happy with the lotus charm!

  6. Your work is truly beautiful. I find jewelry with meaning very important. I design countless pieces of map jewelry to preserve memories. The stories my customers share are just wonderful.

  7. yahoo, sherry, another story person! Thanks for your kind words.


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