What are you about right now?

My friend Catherine Witherell at Happy Day Art tagged me for her question "What are you about right now?" I love this question because I'm asking it of myself at least once a day to my husband's dismay!! :)

So lickety split, I made a list of ideas and then had the best time using Catherine's suggestion Wordle.net to produce my word cloud pictured above. Font, colors, layouts...you could happily lose yourself in a word cloud for at least a half an hour.

I'm going to use passive tagging and ask that if anyone who visits this post wants to play, just simply leave me a comment, and I'll run over and gaze at your own word cloud.

Birdhouse Pendant, Catherine Witherell (Happy Day Art):
tourmaline, garnet, pearl, fine and sterling silver

Thanks to Catherine for sharing her creative energy and this fun word program with me! Be sure to visit Catherine's shop on Etsy for the some of the most fabulously intricate metal clay birdhouse pendants I've ever seen.


  1. What a great tag theme..."what am I about right now?" I'll thnk of something once I get past this peri-caffeinated haze and check out Catherine's Etsy shop. Have a wonder-filled week!

  2. What a fun idea! Catherine's bird houses are a-maze-ing!

  3. Thank you, super nice idea! I did it! check it out!

  4. the birdhouse is a tiny detailed wonder! will definitely look... being a lover of language i have to go and play with the word cloud creator... thanks for sharing that!

  5. Oh this post was the best I love the thought /tag the wordle and OMG the pendent!!! I have to visit her etsy!! So glad you posted it all!!

  6. I love this idea.
    This question is very much part of my everyday life and I have to admit I don't always know how to address it, let alone answer it without too many detours (and resulting headaches).
    So I jumped right in just after reading your post, and posted the result.
    Thanks to you and Catherine for the inspiration !

    (Your series of posts about creative license/copyright is extremely interesting. I feel I'm actually learning a lot through them and the comments too. )

  7. So glad you all love Catherine's question, birdhouse, and Wordle. She is a wealth of creativity and information. She is a joy to connect with out on the Web.

    Craftyways thanks for tuning into my copyright series. The comments on those posts were really powerful for me too!

    Off to see other word clouds...


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