Adjustable Leather Cord Necklaces

This week I'm adding adjustable leather cords to Hint Jewelry as a fun alternative to sterling silver chains. Now friends can purchase a charm and have it added to a carefree leather cord. This type of necklace is perfect for those casual days at the beach or for the hip man in your life.

I thought it would be fun to make a short video demonstrating how to use this clever leather cord necklace. Pull the knots away from each other to tighten the leather cord around your neck. Move the knots towards each other to loosen and slip the adjustable leather cord necklace back over your head.

If you love leather cord and want to incorporate into your own jewelry designs, here are some great places to find it online:


  1. This is perfect timing for me because I have been wondering how to do this. I think my sea glass would be great using leather cord..but needed a way to finish it a bit more..thanks so much.


  2. beth, i love this idea! and you are right, it rather opens up your 'audience' a bit... my son is a leo and i have been thinking of getting him the lion... this would be a great way for him to wear it... are you making yours or buying them pre-knotted?

  3. i just bought some leather cords in different colors for bracelets. i think it will look great with our silver charms.

  4. Anji and Mary Jane, so glad you think the leather cord is a good alternative to chain. My husband wears his lion charm on a blue leather cord every day and just loves it.

    I'm knotting the cord myself, which I find to be kind of a relaxing activity. Makes me feel closer to the knitting that is hiding away in the corner of my studio :)


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