Buddha: Divine Essence & Unlimited Potential

silver handcrafted Buddha charm yoga inspired jewelryBuddha Nature, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): fine silver buddha charm

Buddha is the Sanskrit word for “awakened one.” Siddhartha Gautama born in 6th century BC is considered the historical Buddha of our age. However, according to some Buddhist teachings, Buddha-nature is the true essence of all living beings. When you fully accept that every moment is utterly perfect and just as it should be, you are connecting with your Buddha-nature, a pure, radiant essence that is uncreated, changeless, and eternal. If you believe that your Buddha-nature is like a vast ocean, sublimely luminous and infinitely connected, you will come to know that you are manifesting significance in every moment.

Wear Buddha to connect with your divine essence and to awaken your unlimited potential.


  1. "Buddha nature" is such an inspiring term. Your new piece of art makes me smile.

  2. i like that term too, Buddha naure. thanks for reminding me of this essence. your charm is too cool!

  3. Thank you for this beautiful reminder :)

  4. GOSH these piece are just amazing and so beautiful. Just fabulous!!!

  5. Thanks ladies for loving up this little Buddha essence and offering warm feedback!


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