Finding Buddha Nature

ceramic thai buddhaThai Buddha, LeAnn Weih (Summers Studio Pottery): porcelain

Several weeks ago I received a surprise gift from LeAnn Weih of Summers Studio Pottery. Isn't he simply amazing? I love the delicate fun of my charming new porcelain Buddha :) I found the perfect spot to hang him on my window, so when I'm working he smiles down on me with this warm glow of mischief and complete acceptance.

LeAnn shared with me that this beautiful piece was created from a mold of a Buddha originating in Thailand. I was completely unfamiliar with his elfish grin and that endearing nose. I instantly fell in love and started making all sorts of associations with his personality -- Santa's clownish elves, funny Hobbits, and the irresistibly cranky Waldorf (the old curmudgeon that made fun of the cast on Muppet Show from his balcony seat).

LeAnn Weih of Summers Studio Pottery has such a centering spirit, and I feel immense gratitude for having her little Buddha become my new work buddy. If you haven't seen LeAnn's ceramics, you must dash over to Summers Studio on Etsy and check out her porcelain buttons, charms, and pendants. They showcase a kind of innocent light in their delicate patterns and subtle colors.

garden buddha sculpture face
Since the passing of my cat Saskia, many Buddhas have found their way into my life. It's almost as if the universe knows I am deeply missing her strong Buddha nature. One of the ways my husband honored her life was finding this lovely Buddha for our backyard. What a comfort to look out the window and see Buddha in the garden and know it probably would have been one of Saskia's favorite spots to hunt squirrels and chase butterflies.

To become more intimate with my backyard Buddha, I took a photographic poem of all his little details that warm my heart.

garden buddha sculpture hairplayful

garden buddha sculpture earwitnessing

garden buddha sculpture facecalm

garden buddha sculpture handabundant

garden buddha sculpture handgiving

garden buddha sculpture kneegrounded

garden buddha sculpture footpeaceful

handcrafted silver Buddha charm yoga inspired jewelryBuddha, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): fine silver

With all the Buddhas comforting me these past several months, it seemed the right time to finalize a charm design that had been lurking on my desk for quite awhile. Hopefully, the Buddhas from LeAnn and my husband will provide inspiration for words to describe the nature of this charm so I may share it with others through Hint Jewelry on Etsy :)

A heartfelt thank you to LeAnn and my husband for providing spiritual support!


  1. A lovely gift from LeAnn! A wonderful post (but sorry about Saskia - it is so painful to lose them! I am still mourning Ninivé...)
    I love the way you have caught the essence of Buddha in your charm!

  2. Beth, I am most pleased and happy that the little Buddha is smiling in your work space. Your photographic poem is beautiful and tranquil, just as your garden Buddha should be. Many thanks for sharing it with us. Namaste, LeAnn

  3. Wow, that photo poem is incredible. Love the little charm too, how darling! I love how Buddhas don't always have to convey great stoicism and seriousness.

  4. what wonderful gifts! i too love your photographic poem, just lovely!


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