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Here are some videos that Etsy Technology Help created to take the mystery out of setting up Google Analytics and understanding when your site was last crawled. Be sure to visit this Etsy seller's blog for more help with software.

Ouch! Hint Jewelry was last cached in May. I decided to see if I could prompt Google to crawl my site again and add Hint Jewelry's URL into to their web search agenda. Click on add url to go to Google's Web page, if you want to submit your site.

A word of warning...some people have told me that you should not keep submitting your url because Google will read this action as spam and lock you out for a very long time :(

Want to see how well your Web site is doing? Check out the Web Site Grader.

Want to see if Google considers your Web site of any value to their search engines? Check out the Google PageRank checker.

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