Green Mountain Knitting Bags

green mountain knitting bagsMadison Bag, Martha Sacco (Green Mountain Knitting Bags)

One of my first obsessions after college was to buy as much yarn as possible and hold up with my knitting for months at a time. My passion for the texture and color of yarn went on for about 15 years, until my little fingers cried out for some respite. Nevertheless, knitting still haunts me, and I wonder when it will blast back into my life...perhaps sooner rather then later :)

After meeting Martha Sacco of Green Mountain Knitting Bags, I haven't been able to stop thinking about that pair of half done socks languishing in my studio. Right now they're probably saying "maybe if you had a super cool bag to store your tools in, you'd probably tote us around more often!"

Seriously, I had a hard time choosing which gorgeous knitting bag photo to post on my blog, because each one that Martha creates for Green Mountain Knitting Bags is so unique. She has many styles and patterns to choose from -- vintage to modern -- and the fabrics are to die for. Each bag is constructed with sturdy fabrics and a beautiful solid wood handle. Martha posts new bags every Thursday evening 8:30 pm EST, and they go like hotcakes.

I'm not surprised, because like any handmade item one is most often drawn to the spirit of the maker, and Martha would be a hard gal to pass up. Who wouldn't want to know this joyous woman who delights in planting flowers in shoes? I'm grinning from ear to ear, thinking about all the other little wonderful treasures Martha has hidden away at her home in Vermont.

Martha's stunning knitting bags seem to embody the essence of someone who has found a way to carve out a fulfilling life by being creative and connected to nature all at the same time. Having one of Martha's beautiful bags must be like inviting a well-loved friend over for tea and knitting, where speaking is unnecessary, because that comforting sound of needles working back and forth in blissful harmony is all the connection you need.


  1. That bag is gorgeous, it looks like crewel work.
    I don't know how to knit, but I do crochet and I love it. I love it all, paper, pmc, fabric; anything to keep my hands busy.
    Ah, to have all the time in the world just to work on crafts; that would be nice!

  2. knitting is definitely addicting! i am just as bad with yarn as with beads - but not at the same time... prior to the intensity with which i now work at designing jewelry/bead featuring, i would knit constantly - practically everyone i knew ended up with a scarf! i agree about the textures and colors in yarn... i have found some incredible samples on etsy... and started working it into some of my jewelry recently...
    knitting bag is gorgeous... have to take a peek at her others as well.. thanks so much for sharing martha with us!

  3. I'm with you on all those mediums...paper, fabric, yarn. I told someone the other day some of the addiction had to do with wanting to consume color but I haven't even started on my intense love of texture. Happy dreaming about crocheting and knitting ladies!!

    Mary Jane, I think it's so neat when people start adding organic medium to jewelry. So I look forward to seeing some of you new work :)

  4. I love to knit and that's one luscious knitting bag - I didn't know we had that in common, Bthe, that's so fun! I take my knitting when I go on car trips ... and I try to make up some knitting markers using my favorite beads before I go, to remind myself of them while I'm away ... seriously silly, isn't it!


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