Jenny Davies-Reazor

One of the best parts of Hint Jewelry Design selling silver charms on Etsy is that I am afforded the opportunity to meet people all over the world that are deeply connected to symbols. Jenny Davies-Reazor is definitely one of those artists who is completely in tune with the power of a universal symbol.

Designing small altars is one of my favorite ways of sculpting, so when I saw Jenny Davies-Reazor's Freedom shrine I was totally hooked. Myth, gods and goddesses, symbols, archetypes, nature...she explores it all with amazing clarity.

silver rabbit animal totems charm hint jewelryMoon Hare Necklace, Jenny Davies-Reazor:
black spiniel, labradorite, moonstone, chalcedony,
aquamarine, mother of pearl, and silver

Just like her small-scale ceramic shrines invite intimacy, Jenny Davies-Reazor has drawn me in and blown me away with her ability to take Hint Jewelry's Rabbit Run charm and elevate it to a whole new level of symbolic significance. Echoing the deep feminine and mythic connection between a rabbit and a moon, Jenny Davies-Reazor designed this Moon Hare necklace with a mother of pearl button floating just above Hint Jewelry's tiny rabbit charm. Simply ingenious!! The button totally brings the story of Rabbit Run to life along with her elegant choice of labradorites and moonstones.

silver lotus blossom charm yoga inspired jewelryYoga Earrings, Jenny Davies-Reazor:
moonstone, amethyst, tourmaline, and silver

I also adore these yoga earrings she made with Zen Lotus and Om charms from Hint Jewelry. For me they communicate spiritual awakening with those beautiful clusters of gems. Don't you dig the idea of getting to choose which ear wears the om or the lotus?! It's like having two pairs of earrings in one set :)

I invite you to meet Jenny Davies-Reazor through her Web site and blog, where you will be sure to find a kindred spirit!


  1. i really love her work and the connection she has to what she creates as well.. those earrings are gorgeous!

  2. Jenny's designs showcase your art perfectly!

  3. Beth - thank you for your kind words! I am thrilled to have found you as well. Kindred spirits, speaking the same language of symbols! I look forward to a long and inspirational friendship.


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