Lotus Bud: Creative Potential

silver lotus blossom charm yoga inspired jewelryLotus Bud, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): fine silver lotus bud charm

In Egyptian myth, a lotus flower rose out of dark waters, unfolded, and gave birth to the sun. A powerful symbol of creation, the lotus bud is a sacred reminder of the soul and its infinite beginnings. First steps, the start of a new relationship, embarking on a creative endeavor, or finding new ways of being are all moments where everything is possible and beginning to unfold. Breath deep and tap into the creative power of a lotus bud.
Wear lotus bud and find yourself opening up to each moment’s creative potential!


  1. So inspiring, Beth, so motivating....thanks! This would make such a great graduation gift for a young woman who is just about to step into "the real world"....or for a bride...

  2. so simple, but beautiful and powerful! come take a peek at my last posts.

  3. AJ thanks for putting this charm in context!

    Sandra, thanks for stopping by! running over to check out your posts :)



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