Metal Clay Magic

lorena angula metal bronz clay earringsKrishna Peacock from Hint Jewelry was just featured on a new Web site called Metal Clay Magic. This web site will be featuring some of the neatest work by contemporary metal clay artists working in silver, bronze, and copper.

Check out these amazing COPPRclay earrings by my new favorite jewelry designer Lorena Angula. This level of design quality will be found daily on Metal Clay Magic's Web site.

The texture and juiciness of Lorena Angula's work is so inspiring! No doubt I'll be popping over there for some eye candy :)


  1. OUTRAGEOUSLY cool. Fabulous! They're their own genre completely. Are they heavy?

  2. Really interesting looking. I will be going over to take a look. Thanks for sharing. And congrats on being featured!

  3. Beautiful!! Love the copper color as well!

  4. as always, beth, thanks so much for expanding my horizons! congrats on the feature... well deserved...

  5. So glad you are loving Lorena's work! She is amazing. I'm guessing the earrings are not that heavy but I haven't worked with COPPRclay yet :)


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