Turtle: Grounding & Protection

silver turtle tortoise charm hint jewelryTurtle Mother, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): fine silver sea turtle or tortoise charm

Many indigenous people refer to North America as Turtle Island, for legends tell that it was brave turtle that dove to the bottom of the ocean and returned carrying earth on her shell to create safe, dry land. Turtle patiently and willingly supports all living creatures on her back just like our immortal mother earth. When you connect with turtle nature, you evoke ancient maternal wisdom and healing energy that provides grounding, protection, and self-care. Being in tune with turtle spirit will provide warmth and stability to counterbalance any hectic life.

Wear Turtle to connect with the earth’s healing energy and bring balance to your life.


  1. Love this post!! this is gonna be my son charm.

  2. i love this... the post is beautiful as well as your charm... that may be one i need for myself! we all need reminders to keep grounded... your little charm almost serves as a worry stone for me... as i have mentioned, i love how my thumb fits into the back where you have indented it yourself...

  3. Neat, Mari!! I'm so glad you see your son in this charm...gracias :)

    Mary Jane, I hear ya...grounding is my daily struggle being a very flighty air sign! Thanks for seeing my charms as little worry stones. How cool to think people are rubbing them to stay centered and connected.

  4. Oh, what a wonderful charm! The design work is wonderful...I have a good friend that loves turtles...she is dear to me...great post too!

  5. Thanks Stacie for the warm feedback! One benefit to making so many different animals is I get to meet the people who have chosen these creatures to inhabit their lives :) What fun that you have a turtle friend...she must have a lovely soul.


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