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A lot of what holds Hint Jewelry back is photographs. For months, I've been meaning to create a listing where people can chose to add a wire-wrapped gem to their charm necklace, but it required a little bit of planning and of course photography.

I've got a bit of the photography blues. Do you? It can take up to 20-30 minutes to photograph and edit a series of pictures for one jewelry listing. For custom design work, I am factoring the labor of taking photographs into the quote. Is anyone else, factoring photography into the labor of creating a piece of work? How do you account for this aspect of your Internet business?

My future business plan is to get a collection of jewelry favorites that can just be listed over and over again. This strategy has been working with my charms, so I look forward to the day when I build a stable body of jewelry.

Here are the photos I took for Hint Jewelry's Add a Gem listing, and I now have a new found appreciation for all the Etsy gem and bead suppliers who are faced with photographing tiny objects. Those little rascal gems kept slipping out of my fingers and running across the floor :)

orange yellow green gemstonesAdd a Orange, Yellow, or Green Gem

pink red purple gemstones pearlsAdd a Pink, Red, or Purple Gem or a Freshwater Pearl

blue green turquoise gemstonesAdd a Turquoise, Green, Indigo, or Blue Gem

gray blue gemstonesAdd a Light Blue, Grey, or White Gem


  1. Great job! I think the gem photos turned out great! I agree with the fact that photographing and loading pictures is a very time consuming task. Many times, I have a lot of jewelry ready to sell but I procrastinate in photographing and listing it. I find that natural light works best so finding the right time of day can be a challenge too. I do not factor this into my pricing yet, but probably should in the future.

  2. Beth, you've hit it on the head, the photography is tricky especially with small and shiny or translucent objects. You do such a great job photographing your metal charms, and those photos of the gemstones are fantastic. I'd say you've got it whipped!

  3. Hello Beth,

    These are lovely, especially when you click on them and see them enlarged -- suggest it to your shoppers, it give a much better sense of the beauty of the gems-stones.


  4. Thanks Emanda for the great suggestion!

    Sandra, it's so nice to be able to get feedback on other people's photo woes.

    Lynn, thanks for the thumbs up on my photos!!

  5. That's a great idea! Really lovely items, but very efficient and organized too! Looks like you are on the right track to make the most of your time. I never thought to add photography into my labor costs, I'd have to charge hundreds. I LOVE the photography part actually, I like it better than making the stuff! My problem is I can't stop redoing the photos--there's always better light, a better background...I feel fortunate now I don't have to photograph loose stones!

  6. My least favorite part of selling online is the listing process, taking the photos, etc. It is so time consuming.
    I agree that your photos look great!

  7. Fantastic photos, Beth. You've really captured the transluscene of the gem stones. Well done and a fabulous way to move your line of jewelry.

  8. I struggle with the photography part, too. Some pieces sit around for weeks waiting to have their portraits done, when they could be on the internet being sold! I have to wait to get the Cloud Dome back from the artist I share it with, the right day, the right light, etc. etc. Not to mention the right MOOD!

  9. Hi Beth, I agree that photographing and listing the items I make is probably the worst part of the process. Take a look at Hadar Jacobson's blog http://artinsilver.com/blog to see a wonderful way to photograph small and/or shiny pieces. Look in the archives under photography tip. I haven't tried this yet myself, but I must admit I am intrigued. I have a small photo booth set up, and still have a lot of trouble getting the photos to come out just right.

  10. I love this Beth! Looks so attractive and inviting. Great photos, Great idea. And a great way to add color. Made me wonder if you could put them on clips so that people could buy a few different colors and interchange them??

  11. What fun to hear about other people's love/hate relationship with photography!

    Savoirfaire thanks for the link to Hadar Jacobson :)

    Ruth, love the idea of clips, so thanks for sharing your brainstorm with me. I'll have to look into this!

    Zoe, you are a more patient person then me having to share equipment!! I hear you on the mood :)


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