Behind the Scenes: Prepping Metal Clay for the Kiln

using files baby wipes for metal clayTools for Prepping Metal Clay for the Kiln

Before I put Hint Jewelry's metal clay charms in the kiln to be fired, I refine these beauties a little bit more with some metal files and a handy baby wipe. I bought these small metal files at a local metalsmithing and jewelry shop, but you can find them online at any store that sells jewelry making or metal clay supplies. You can use any brand of baby wipes for this process, but honestly I recommend whatever is the cheapest at your local grocery store. If the baby wipes dry out before you use them all up, don't despair. I simply refreshen a baby wipe with a tiny bit of water and squeeze out the excess dampness. It took me two years to work through one box :)

Beth's Favorite Suppliers for Jewelry Making Tools
Rio Grande

Here's a short video clip where I demonstrate how to file and clean up Hint Jewelry's metal clay charms before I pop them into the kiln to be fired. For the full scoop on Hint Jewelry's process, be sure to check out my weekly blog series called Behind the Scenes.


  1. very cool, i love to watch artists work.

  2. very cool,thanks for sharing your process. love your header photo!!

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  3. Once again, thanks for your generous approach to letting us peak inside your process!

  4. Leah thanks for the feedback on my header!

    Wendy, you are so welcome! So glad you stopped by to visit and check it out :)

  5. I've done quite a few PMC pieces but I am still learning. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!


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