Custom Stories

silver dog moon flower necklace hint jewelryHila's Story
Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): silver, apatite & iolite

I feel like I disappeared down the rabbit's hole over the last couple weeks. I've definitely been hunkered down in my studio, ignoring the blogging world, slacking on Facebook, and letting the house cleaning slide. Sometimes I feel pulled in different directions, but last week it was satisfying to get tangible work done in the form of pressing a bunch of charms and designing quite a few custom story necklaces for gorgeous women.

Each story is amazing and like a painting, these necklaces leave you guessing as to the exact nature of each woman's powerful beauty. When I put them together, it reminds me of a community patchwork quilt, where women infuse their soul into one square and when it is sewn together each one enhances all the other pieces.

Hope you enjoy the stories of these amazing women!

silver leaf lotus necklace yoga inspired jewelryDana's Story
Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): silver, apatite & aquamarine

silver butterfly gazelle charm necklace hint jewelryKatherine's Story
Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): silver, apatite, lapis, turquoise, and labradorite

silver lion courage butterfly necklace hint jewelryEsther's Story
Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): silver and peridot


  1. I'm loving Dana's story. I have a thing for your lotus and leaves.

  2. Thanks for checking out these custom stories.

    Niki, I wore Dana's necklace for a while and it had this amazing vibe. I guess it knew it was headed for a woman on the path of being a yogi :)

  3. Katherine's story speaks to me powerfully. I am compelled by it to know and understand her. I must investigate your story necklace offerings...

  4. Robin, so glad you are enjoying Katherine's necklace. She seems like a dynamic woman to me too! I love how you are connecting journaling and stories with your beading.


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