Dancing Your Way to Terrapin Station

crush sea turtle finding nemo movieCrush from Finding Nemo

Ever have one of those days where you feel like you are two steps in front of yourself? Like your mind is running ahead, but your body is still back in bed? My August has been like that, and today I was lamenting, "where did my turtle spirit go?"

I don't have to be like Crush on the super highway of life, I could be more like the Grateful Dead turtles just hanging out at Terrapin Station, waiting for a train that may never come and who really cares anyway.

Every week I stand in line at the post office and watch Mary at the counter patiently and diligently attend to each customer without any sense of urgency. This behavior totally fascinates me because of course there are at least ten people in line fidgeting, grumbling, and wishing that the post office had a rule against making polite conversation with each customer. They want the McPostal experience, and she is offering what I call an ineffable turtle moment: there is no place to be except right here, right now.

silver turtle terrapin station charm necklaceDancing Turtle, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry):
silver turtle (terrapin station) charm and peridot

When I designed this necklace called Dancing Turtle, it was based on the lyrics from the Grateful Dead's Terrapin Station. My husband and I were trying to discover for ourselves the meaning behind this troubadour's song that touches the hearts of Deadheads. I liked how lyricist Robert Hunter painted a word picture of a transcendent moment in time filled with light, song, color, cicadas, and the moon. Terrapin Station feels like an ancient turtle recognizing this dance of beingness as possibly the beginning and the end all rolled up into one vast experience. Like the unhurried spirit my favorite postal worker, perhaps ancient turtle wisdom holds the key to being joyfully present in every moment.


  1. OMG, I haven't thought of that song or the Dead in years. And it's kind of fun to think of the Dead in a more transcendent way. I'm off to dig out the CD, one of many Dead CDs, BTW.

  2. great story... and you are so very right... i was just lamenting to my daughter the lack of appreciating the present moment demonstrated by anyone involved with sales... do you know there is halloween candy at my grocery store??!! argh...

  3. It's so nice when you come across people like Mary. They are a joy. They interact with you like you're a real person. It's awesome.


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