Dove: Peace, Love & Devotion

silver dove peace charm hint jewelryPeace Love Devotion, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): fine silver dove of peace charm

A dove’s song of innocence and peace comforts a worried mind and offers blessed assurance for a troubled heart. For centuries, the dove has symbolized the spirit’s infinite capacity for love. A bird that mates for life, who values working together to build a nest and raise a family, truly celebrates our maternal instincts for providing warmth and nurturing. Sacred to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, a dove encourages you to release past emotional hurts and find alignment with your natural state of loving devotion and inner peace.

Wear Dove to renew and celebrate your ability to embrace and share unlimited amounts of pure love!


  1. i love this one... and what it symbolizes... i have just started stamping metal and found an olive leaf this morning (the dove is too small to do it justice i think, so the concept will have to be represented otherwise)... my esp was working!

  2. what a beautiful Dove! Beautiful work!

  3. Thanks for loving up this dove! Mary Jane, looking forward to seeing more of your stamping.


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