Every Word is Sacred

wooden chinese fortune telling cabinet
What if you truly believed that every word and sound you uttered was perfectly sacred? Every giggle, sigh, cry, and scream? Every "nice" word and every "mean" word? What if every carefully cultivated word and every untended expression was just like a secret Chinese fortune waiting to be received? What if you gently pulled open the secret drawers to your voice and spoke everything?

What if every word and sound you received from someone else was just as utterly perfect?


  1. I am so delighted to have found your blog!!!! And thinking "What if..." has to be one of the most beautiful concepts I've ever known. "What if..." gets be unblocked, unstuck every time!

    A friend gifted me with one of your charms, a rabbit, my totem animal. It's precious to me and now I'm drawn into your other work and loving it too.

    I'll be speaking at the Portland Bead Society on Sept 16th. You might like my subject, which is "visual journaling with beads, fabrics, fibers and..." You can get the details by going to www.beadport.com If you decide to come, please come talk with me... I'd love to meet you in person.

  2. the world and humans in general would flourish, if they came from a pure heart...

  3. Hi Robin, thanks for finding me! Glad you enjoy the "what if" journey. I like to pose one of these questions at least once a day to find some relief from my patterns :) I'm grateful for the invite to you speaking engagement too.

    Mary Jane and Gaea, so glad this post was speaking to you.

  4. This is so true, I believe this also. The spirit of the world and we are as one and should gently be loving with every thought and spoken word. Takes us a life time to learn in a gentle way. Bad times aren't meant to happen.

  5. every word or sound is an uttered spell....


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