Spider: Creative Expression & Divine Purpose

silver spider woman charm hint jewelrySpider Woman, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): fine silver spider charm

In Native American myth, Spider Woman gave people the gift of creative wisdom in the form of a delicate piece of thread spun from her web. When you are deeply attuned with spider energy, you creatively spin and build webs that capture new ideas, endeavors, and dreams. A spider always spins her web of possibilities, trusting her feelings and intuition. Spiders are a reminder that through creative expression you have the ability to weave the world into any pattern you desire.

Wear a spider to encourage creative expression and manifest your divine purpose.


  1. Hi Beth,
    I went to a funeral on Friday and the preacher of the homily spoke of how we weave webs in our lives and how all things are connected by the web. Also, the most important things to us are the things that are nearer the center of the web. Love your charms, especially this one.

  2. Wow, I never knew this! My first ever tattoo (at age 14) was a spider...now, she has a much more age appropriate tale to accompany her. :) Lovely charm.

  3. Emanda, that's so beautiful! Thanks for adding to the integrity of this posting.

    Ladies, I'm so touched that you love this charm and are spider fans too!


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