Breast Cancer Survivors: You are Loved

silver heart feather charm necklace hint jewelryYou are Loved, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry):
pink pearl, sterling and fine silver

Great healers share that dis-ease of the body is directly related to emotional disconnection from someone very special -- your most magnificent self. I feel a little silly having to say this, but did you know that the universe, humanity, and every atom of existence loves that you're here...with us...doing that unique thing you do?

Well, I lied. I don't feel silly because every morning I say this affirmation to that woman in the mirror. Sometimes she forgets, and I'm guessing other people forget too.

breast cancer survivor necklace heart charmYou are Loved, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry):
pink pearl, sterling and fine silver

We forget that there is something inherently valuable in our existence. Though it appears that our true self may seem small and unlovable to others, by choosing to forget what is most simple and vulnerable in ourselves, we disconnect from being in touch with our own divinity.

Any illness such as breast cancer is our body's deepest calling to reconnect to our self with love and nurturing. It is an opportunity to experience profound surrender to loss and love.

silver pink breast cancer survivor necklaceYou are Loved, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry):
pink pearl, sterling and fine silver

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Hint Jewelry is honoring women who have been called on this journey with a precious heart necklace.

Let your heart be as light as a feather and awaken to the love that surrounds you in every moment!


  1. wow that is gorgeous... i would love to get one for my friend who survived a double mastectomy!.

  2. Beth this is beautiful....your words and your art. Stunning.

  3. when i think of your charms, i think of personal connections... and how unique each one of them is... this necklace takes your personal intention and sends it out to - both happily and sadly - so many women... it's really beautiful...

  4. So beautiful in it's simplicity. So beautiful in its meaning.


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