Infinite Bliss

pink flower photo beth hemmila
"Maximizing infinite bliss is completely up to me."
Beth Hemmila

The other day I reached a personal financial goal and found myself completely elated. Not because it was extraordinary, but because by reaching my target, I affirmed that my next goal is totally manageable.

So simple, but unfortunately most people give up before they complete their first goal or they set a destination so unfathomable that their ego burns out stretching towards it. Fulfilling a dream is as simple as having a plan and creating manageable stepping stone goals along the way. You follow through on the steps to reach one of these goals, and then when you've achieved it you start focusing on the plan to attempt the next consecutive goal. The key is to limit your focus on what's right in front of you while keeping the big picture in your mind's eye.

One of our number one needs is the desire to feel a sense of success. As your own life-long teacher, your role is to give yourself opportunities for feeling a sense of success along the way. Each time you allow this feeling of success to pour into your life, you are refueled for the next goal in your journey.

There will be what I call Mr. and Mrs. Minimizer out there, trying to throw you off track. These people will roll their eyes, laugh at your silly ideas, and call you a dreamer. They will choose words that seem to minimize your aspirations and will look for dark clouds in your grand plan. But you keep your head down and your eyes ahead on the very next goal. Why not giggle a bit to show them you're rock steady.

Minimizers are scared silly by your dreaming and goal seeking. Every time you reach a new goal, you exude a state of blissful happiness. When this happens, anyone who isn't feeding themselves this emotional nourishment will sense their own level of starvation and do or say anything to keep from feeling their own sense of pain.

Keep reaching for your goals and feeling your state of bliss, so that one day others will understand that behind their need to minimize is a human being wanting to dream too.


  1. So true and well put. Congratulations on reaching your goal!

  2. congratulations on reaching your goal! and thank you for the much needed reminder... i love how you explain to us that indeed we are our own life-long teachers...

  3. Good for you, Beth! Enjoy your bliss!

  4. You are so right!...I use to be timid in trying new things... or being brave and voicing my views... It just takes that one chance, one moment to make a diff... Its an ego boost to know that what u may have feared in doing really wasn't that big of a deal... And yes, it does give u the courage to try something else...

  5. Hi Beth! Such great words for me to hear this morning! I sometimes feel that my success may be undeserved...that my friends are just saying that they like what I do...that I haven't done anything to deserve it...but then I have to stop being my own Minimizer! I do work hard for all that I achieve. I do believe in the beauty of my dreams. I am garnering attention from people far and wide and it isn't because they are simply sycophants gushing about me. We can be our own worst enemies...but we need to remember to be our own best friends. You are one wise woman. I like that about you!

    Congratulations on your milestone! May you see the next goal clearly and stay the course.

    Enjoy the day!

  6. Your post is a source of encouragement to me ... and I'm sure a lot of others. Thank you.

  7. Wow Beth. You are so great with words. Hearing about others reaching their goals can be so inspiring. It made me realize that I haven't set any goals for myself and that I should. Thank you for that. Congrats on your goal and here's to reaching the next!

  8. Erin, so glad your own Minimizer self enjoyed hearing these words :)

    Barbara, happy to connect over this and give you a little boost for the day!

    Niki, so cool! I can't wait to see you set your goal :)

    Thanks so everyone for cheering me on and enjoying this post!! Here's to life long learning :)

  9. You are so freakin' eloquent in your observations! Thank you for another gem! Who knew it was that simple! I love it!


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