Scrumptious Strawberries

oregon strawberry photo
So I was one of those pitiful skeptics, who sort of half believed people when they said "Oregon strawberries are the best!" I mean who can really say that? Nevertheless, after my first summer in Oregon, I was a convert gleefully exclaiming "Oregon has the BESTEST strawberries EVER!!"

Thanks to my husband, who got the brilliant idea to buy out New Season's latest batch of Oregon strawberries, we now have these beauties tucked away in our freezer for summer time smoothies in the middle of October. I'm so stoked! Yum :)

Of course for all you fellow skeptics check out the Oregon Strawberry Web site and find out the real science behind their sweetness and beautiful red color.

oregon strawberries photo
Are you missing summer already?

oregon strawberries photo
Any local produce you're about to say bye bye to until next year?


  1. Will mourn when we can no longer get fresh off the tree South Carolina peaches from the local farmer's market. Fortunately, like you, many packages are in the freezer for winter enjoyment!

  2. Yum peaches! Are you making the last of the summer peach cobbler this weekend with some ice cream. Peaches sound heavenly right now :)

  3. Watermelon !

    Those strawberries look great !!!
    Enjoy them !

  4. These strawberries are looking very fresh. I wish to eat these strawbarries.


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