Sneak Peek: Fall & Winter Charm Collection

silver metal clay charms fall hint jewelry
I've been slowly pulling together a fall and winter charm collection for Hint Jewelry. Here's a smattering of newbie charms. Though I've listed these charms in my shop, they are definitely works in progress. I'm still feeling out the right name for each one and of course dreaming up stories to tell about them :)

Stay tuned!

silver day of the dead skull charm hint jewelrysugar skull

silver scary cat charm hint jewelrynine lives

silver two fishes pisces charm hint jewelrypisces

silver goddess pagan charm hint jewelrygoddess

silver fatima hand evil eye charmfatima

silver angel wing charm hint jewelryangel wing

silver sun charm hint jewelrysun

silver crescent moon charm hint jewelrymoon


  1. Beth, I love your new collection!! These are just gorgeous...

  2. Absolutely heavenly! The only problem - I wish I could have them now. My favorites of course are the goddess and the moon. Sweet sugar skull... So tough to decide...

  3. YUM! They are all delish! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the sugar skull!

  4. Love them all...that sugar skull is too cool! I am just discovering this motif. I think that cat may be coming home to live with me...I am allergic but I have a friend who loves them and I am working on ideas for her birthday piece that her husband commissioned for me and that would be perfect!
    Everything you do is magic Beth! Can't wait for the words!
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Enjoy the day!

  5. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! beth these are gorgeous! i would take one of each! how ever did you not leak this out? you've got a lot of self-control... you won't need good luck with them, that's for sure! if i do well at my show this weekend, i will be ordering some asap...

  6. Yahoo! Thanks so much for the amazing feedback ladies. I was getting so frustrated because I realized autumn was coming and these little charms were falling by the wayside. I'll have to make some more this weekend so as to catch up! I really appreciate you encouraging these designs along :)

  7. I, too, want one of each! The angel wing is divine - how did you get so much detail in it? Can't wait to get the sun and moon in my grubby hands. Hope the earrings made with them showcase the pieces of art perfectly!

  8. I love them all! But I really really love the sugar skulls! I hope you will make more!

  9. Beth,
    Your new charms look lovely. I can't wait until I get some Etsy money so I can purchase some and use them in my designs.

  10. I'm really digging the skull. These are perfect for the creepy crawly day of Halloween!

  11. The cat, moon and pisces are my favs!

  12. do u have a star one in your collection? i was thinking it would be cool to have a 'star and moon' necklace/bracelet.

  13. These coins are beautiful. I would like to appreciate the designer, well designed and the great effort by the designer.

  14. Thank you so much for enjoying this collection! It's been so hard holding them back and reconfiguring them over the summer. Little secrets that I've been dying to share.

    Chrissy, I do have a couple stars that will probably be making their appearance in October. Unfortunately, one of my star molds needs a redo :(


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