Utah Travel Log

I returned from my trip to Utah with a little bit of a cold, so unfortunately I will be keeping my blog to a minimum this week as I try to rejuvenate for the upcoming fall season.

Every day in Utah wasn't exactly like this sunset, but pretty darn close. Utah has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth and hopefully through some of these photos you can see why I fell in love :)

A busy bee

My new favorite horse friend.

Isn't this amazing? In the middle of a rugged Utah valley
is the Sri Sri Radha Krishna temple!
Truly an East meets West moment!!

Krishna at play :)

The Hare Krishnas in Utah are raising animals so I had to take a few pictures.
I just adored the llamas...

and the Brahman cows!

Finally, here is a picture of my new favorite Love Dog
who became our constant companion during our trip -- Mousse.
Isn't she beautiful? I feel blessed to have spent a few short days with her spirit :)


  1. welcome back - hoping you feel better quickly... i am completely in love with what you showed of utah, it is breathtaking... it must have been tough to leave!

  2. So happy to hear you had a wonderful vacation. Beautiful photos! I think I will have to add this destination to my growing list....

  3. Wonderful photos! My parents retired to southern Utah and there is nothing else like it. I love going to visit them and seeing the state and national parks. Just gorgeous, inspiring places.

  4. I've only driven through Utah once and I loved it. Such beauty! The rock just blew my mind. Wish I could have stayed forever. Wonderful photos and Mousse looks pretty happy with her lap dog job.

  5. My family lived in Salt Lake City for a year when I was a child. I am still in awe of those mountains and look forward to bringing my own children back there to hike through the mountains and canyons. So beautiful!

  6. wonderful photos! i've only been to Utah in the winter for skiing. they truly have the best snow!

  7. oh, thanks so much for making the pisces charm, i can't wait to get it. i'll have to make myself something special, something i never do. so it's time to treat myself :D

  8. Hope you're feeling better, Beth. Miss your posts, but the pictures of your trip are beautiful!

  9. looks like you had a beautiful time. Those fall colors are fantastic!

  10. I got my little pisces charm today, it's awesome. Thanks so much! I hope you're feeling better.

  11. Thanks for sharing your trip! What beautiful photos. I'm so glad you were able to get out and do some hiking (: Hope you get over your cold soon, my friend.

  12. Great to see these photos. I myself am very fond of the Four Corners area -- so many wonderful Anasazi ruins and rock formations. One of the few areas of the country where I felt "home".

  13. To all you lovely ladies, thanks so much for the warm welcome home and the wishes to returned health. I am slowly getting myself and Hint back on track and am in much gratitude for your support. Your kind words are always a comfort.

    Also, I can see from everyone's travel experiences that Utah is a special place for others too and I definitely see a trip in my future.

    Sandra, glad you are loving your pisces charm! I had so much fun making it. Thank you for the inspiration and encouragement :)


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