Animal Portraits: Linda St. Clair

linda st. clair rooster paintingStruttin', Linda St. Clair, 2009: oil on canvas

One of my favorite wildlife artists is Linda St. Clair. What draws me to her paintings is not only Linda's focus on animals that inhabit our daily lives, but also how she creates emotional movement with paint. Just check out this rooster's spectacular display of rich color. He's hard to resist because Linda St. Clair seems to imagine him as an aristocrat prancing around the barnyard!

Can you feel this rabbit's soft fur and see his wet nose and whiskers twitch :)

linda st. clair dog painting portraitRipley, Linda St. Clair: oil on canvas

Doesn't this dog just ooze love and affection? It's magic how a few delicately placed paint strokes for shadows around the eyes can capture a momentary feeling and make the difference between a viewer connecting with a work of art or walking away.

Linda St. Clair always draws me into her world of color and movement. If you are able to see her work in person at galleries in either Wyoming and South Carolina or museum collections you will be sure to fall in love with her luscious paint and animals.


  1. Thank you so much. Your comments touch me deeply. Please contact me at lindastclair@aol.com

    Thank you.


  2. I just visited Morris and Whiteside Gallery in Hilton Head Island, SC for an event and enjoyed Linda St. Clair's paintings so much. I had not see her work in person before and it was gorgeous.


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