Blog Roll: Metal Clay Artists

blogroll metal clay artistsHint Jewelry's blog sort of took a back seat over the summer months, and my promise for this Fall and Winter is to make some improvements. One item that has been absent from my blog is a list of amazing metal clay artists that I have been admiring and networking with for over the last year. Many of these jewelry designers belong to the Etsy Metal Clay Team. If you you scroll down, on the sidebar you will find a new blog roll that features a group of wonderful metal clay artists. If you adore metal clay, please make sure you taken an opportunity to visit these blogs. Each artist has a unique point of view and a wealth of knowledge on jewelry making techniques.

Many thanks to Ruth Baille, Lora Hart, Barbe Beaty, Teresa Boland, Jennifer Smith Righter, and Catherine Witherell who have been supporting my business with their generous spirits and their talents in social networking and linking.


  1. Hi Beth - got room to add me to your blog roll? www.zoenelsonartwear.blogspot.com I'll add you to mine.

  2. Hi Zoe! You are now on the blog roll and thanks for the exchange :)

  3. Thank You for having me in your blog roll ;-} !
    Gracias Beth !


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