Egyptian Charms

After working in the ancient art department at the Detroit Institute of Arts, it's no wonder that I have a particular fondness for Egyptian art. I love the bold, graphic nature of Egyptian symbols and their deeper meanings. This Fall, Hint Jewelry's Egyptian charm collection has added two more favorites.

Pictured above is Hint Jewelry's Eye of Horus, a symbol used as protection in ancient Egypt.

Hint Jewelry also turned the moon on it's side and created a horned moon -- a traditional symbol of the great mother. I liked the idea of linking this horned moon with Isis, the Egyptian mother goddess.

Of course Hint Jewelry is still offering this Egyptian scarab called New Day

and this Anubis charm called Protector.


  1. beth, these are very special... and they expand your shop a bit... there is such a wonderful eclectic feel always, but the heady-ness of ancient cultures is growing, wafting up off of the pages... placing me in art history classes and museums virtually... buddhist, egyptian, milagros, sacred symbols... loving it...

  2. Mary Jane, glad you are loving the eclectic feel of my shop and it is transporting you to places you love.

    Thanks Millie for sharing your love of all things Egyptian!

  3. Hi, Beth. I'm Mary Jane's daughter. I just wanted to let you know that I love your charms. These Egyptian ones are stunning. The eye of Horus and Anubis are symbols I have adored for a long time. Keep up the great designs; there are so many amazing pieces in your shop. :]


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