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dhs tourmaline face mask photo
No, this isn't me preparing for some late night Rambo in the backyard! I'm getting ready for my first jewelry show at Face Body Soul Spa in Portland, Oregon. I needed a little makeover before the event, so I tried out the DHC Tourmaline Pack. Wow this beauty product was ultra cool! Using micro-fine gemstone particles, kaolin clay, aloe, and soy extracts, the DHC Tourmaline Pack gave me some amazing looking skin for the party. I had to take a picture because first of all a jewelry designer putting a gem mask on her face just seemed too funny and secondly this color green was so stunning that it made my hazel eyes seem unreal. They looked so good I'm starting to wonder if maybe I ought to change my life goal to wood nymph or Navy Seal :)

face body soul shop signLast Friday I was extremely lucky to show a portion of Hint Jewelry during Face Body Soul's one year anniversary party. It was the perfect venue for Hint Jewelry because Kiva at Face Body Soul has a similar philosophy in regards to beauty and healthy living. Her shop and spa is filled with yummy things for the home, body, and spirit that promote wellness through Ayurveda, yoga, aromatherapy, and Buddhism.

jewelry display spa yoga inspired
Hint Jewelry will be shown through the months of October and November at Face Body Soul, so if you live in Portland I hope you get a chance to stop by for an up close and personal look.

This was my first time putting a table together for Hint Jewelry, and now I definitely have a deeper appreciation for people who spend their lives figuring out how display objects in a beautiful way. I decided to feature Hint's yoga and Buddhist related jewelry at Face Body Soul and this prompted me to create an altar themed display.

face body soul party
What was so clever about the Face Body Soul show was that Kiva had invited three other artisans to display their work. Here is a photo of Kathy Krisinski the owner of Ocean Child Bath & Body Products. It was so much fun watching her explain her organic lotions, body scrubs, and bath salts. I even got to take some bath salts home for a good soak after the festivities.

face body soul soap
I definitely spent a good portion of my evening looking at all the wonderful products at Face Body Soul. One of my favorite items was this Spice Bodhi Ayurveda botanical soap that is meant to soothe your particular Dosha.

face body soul vata candle
Though I couldn't partake in a late night massage, facial, or body treatment at Face Body Soul, at the end of the evening I couldn't resist a couple of purchases. Especially since my Dosha is Vata and of course Fall is one of the most important times of the year to focus on self-care and nourishment.

I settled on this gorgeous, orange spice scented Vata candle. Spice Enlightenment is made of pure soy and smells of tulsi, cardamom, and mandarin. The Mystic Masala produces this aromatic Ayurvedic candle that is meant to warm and soothe the air element, Vata.

face body soul dragonfly pillow
I also purchased this lovely dragonfly accent pillow for my bedroom. Handmade by artisan Nicole Alison. My kitty is snuggled right up to this beauty as I write this blog :)

If you live in Portland, Oregon and want to find unique gifts for someone you love or need to treat yourself to a day at the spa, I highly recommend stopping by Face Body Soul on Fremont Street in the Beaumont neighborhood. You won't be disappointed!


  1. Your jewelry display is wonderful ... it looks like it fit perfectly in the surroundings of the shop. Congratulations!

  2. Geez, you look gorgeous with gem masque on your face! Even though I can't see the colour of your eyes! Hope this show goes well for you! The description of your candle has got my mouth watering, sounds so delish!

  3. I love that photo of you -- you should join my Mirror Mirror Challenge! I think your shrine display looks wonderful -- and what a perfect venue. Besides the business, there is something so wonderful about participating in shows -- it is a great way to put your creativity out there and mix it up with other like-minded folk. I am posting later today a custom pendant I made that includes your eagle spirit charm -- will send you the link!

  4. stregata, you are so sweet! and yes, the candle is so yummy. I still haven't put flame to it, but keep sniffing it :)

    Barbara, thanks so much for your lovely feedback on the display!

    Haha, this would fit your Mirror Mirror challenge... I need to visit your blog and check it out. Looking forward to the posting and as soon as I get my blog back to speed I want to do a piece on your work :)

  5. I just posted the custom Golden Eagle I did with your Eagle Spirit charm accent, which adds so much to the power of the piece! My friend LOVED it!

  6. great portrait!
    your display does look wonderful... has really nice variety that keeps the eye moving without being distracting... a reak accomplishment for a small space..


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