In Remembrance: Honoring the Memories of Beloved Pets

angel cat silver charm necklace hint jewelryBeloved, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry):
freshwater pearl, and fine silver cat and angel wing charms

On a beautiful autumn day nineteen years ago, I brought my Beloved Saskia home with me and from that moment forward she became a channel that allowed me to learn and grow in love.

Allowing myself to be deeply connected to animals has been my life's path toward wholeness and for their unfailing service I am deeply grateful. This week I created Beloved, a silver charm necklace to honor Saskia's generous spirit and her memories that live within me.

silver charm greyhound whippet dog puppy jewelryLove Dog, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry):
fine silver greyhound whippet dog charm

Do you have a connection to a Beloved animal? Have you experienced their passing? Today I realized many of Hint's charms represent animals that once inhabited my life or the lives of friends: cats, dogs, fish, rabbits, turtles, seahorses, mice, horses, and birds.

silver two fishes charm hint jewelryPisces, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): fine silver two fishes charm

Did these creatures bring you moments of wonder?

silver rabbit hare moon charm hint jewelryRabbit Run, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): fine silver bunny rabbit charm

Did they capture your attention with messages that had no words?

silver turtle tortoise charm hint jewelryTurtle Mother, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): fine silver turtle or tortoise charm

Did they soften your heart and open you up to something Divine?


  1. Beautiful work Beth... Animals definitely soften our hearts... they bring out the best in us.

  2. My cats have taught and still teach me what unconditional love is, no questions asked.

    Beth - wouldn't you like to make a hedgehog charm?

  3. Thanks for enjoying this post Chrissy!

    Stregata, your baby hedgehog has planted himself in my brain and I may just have to make him part of fall collection 2010. Thank you for inspiring me and opening up to a new part of my animal nature!

  4. Oh yes, I had a parakeet that was the most intelligent little bird. he also had a wonderful personality. I miss him.

  5. Lovely necklace and thoughts Beth! I would have been a much sorrier person without all the animals I have in my life, and I am so glad you honor them in your work as well! I say yes to the baby hedgehog "hint". I am so sorry we don't have them in our neck of the woods!

  6. The animals that have shared my life have definitely made me a better person. Can't imagine a life without a furry or feathered companion. Another "hint" - how about a frog charm?

  7. This is really so touching.
    I still hold the memories of my cat (Tabi) very dearly and closely within my heart. Recently, my hamster Kazu had passed away as well, so I'm still grieving over his loss, but I've been trying to surround myself with all the happy memories that he has brought to our family. We have a new hamster in our family recently (koko) and she resembles Kazu a lot. I keep referring to her as Kazu's younger sister :)

    You're work is truly beautiful, and the messages meaningful.

    When I saw the cat pendant with the wings... I immediately thought of my 2 cats (Tabi, and Tara). When I saw the fish.. I thought of my 2 betta fish. And seeing the pendant of your mouse (in your etsy shop) made me think of my hamster :)

    Thank you for creating such beautiful work, which help bring out happy memories :)


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