Kiss of the Spider Woman

fall spider photospider house

Spiders fascinate and scare me. From afar I love to watch them spin their webs and then just camp out in the center waiting for what comes next.

spider with sunlight photospider light

I love this idea of constructing an elaborate architecture with only a mental blueprint. Does she know what it will look like before she starts spinning or does it just evolve? Does she make the same pattern over and over or does it change?

I admire how spider woman seems to be so confident and poised sitting on her web. Spider woman doesn't need anyone to validate her existence or artistry.

knitting wool socksspider knitting

Spider woman has been working her magic on me these last few months, encouraging me to pick up the knitting I left behind four years ago...

silver goth spider woman necklace hint jewelryKiss, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry):
garnet, fine and sterling silver

and calling to celebrate her creative wisdom in a tiny, silver token from Hint Jewelry!

What have you been spinning lately in your creative garden?
What allows you to feel wisdom that flows without knowing where its headed?

Cheers to a Happy Halloween and embracing
the magnificent webs you weave!!!


  1. I must say, I am fasinated by the spider that has been spinning her web outside my backdoor for months now. Every night the most elaborate web. Then she takes refuge in my wind chimes by day. I like to leave the outdoor light on to attract her nightly meals. My hubby tells me I'm just weird. Maybe...

  2. i have been spinning creations in metal... last night i finished one that is part calder, part wind chime for the humblebeads challenge... what allows me to feel the wisdom? reminding myself to get out of my own way! your photos and necklace are beautiful as always!

  3. Have been always fascinated by spiders. Remember as a child seeing what seemed like hundreds of spider webs covered in dew in the field across from our house right as the sun came up. Beautiful! Have to admit, I had a tarantula as a "pet" once - Terry the Tarantula was his name. Wasn't a demanding animal at all!

  4. Anger and tenderness: the spider's genius
    to spin and weave in the same action
    from her own body, anywhere-
    even from a broken web.
    from 1978 Adrienne Rich, " Integrity"

    Joan Tucker

  5. Joan that quote is so beautiful! I love Adrienne Rich but this poem is unfamiliar to me, so what gratitude I feel for your share. Anger and tenderness together just touch my heart. So good to hear from you :)

  6. Catherine, why am I not surprised that you had a Terry the Tarantula! You amaze me :)

    Brenda Lou, you are definitely not weird in my book! How cool that you are collaborating with your spider friend :)

    Mary Jane, hope your metal spinning is moving you in new directions!


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