Oriels: Windows into the Soul

soldered pendant buddhaLoving Siddhartha, Kentucky Girl:
glass, paper, solder, beads, and charms

Virginia of Kentucky Girl on Etsy is someone who takes a keen interest in soul work. Creating one-of-a-kind Oriels that tell unique stories about women and their sacred journeys, Kentucky Girl has captured my heart with her infectious take on life.

Not content to call her work soldered pendants, Kentucky Girl has dubbed her creations "Oriels," evoking the idea of ornate bay windows that offer a view inside someone's soul, their dreams, and desires.

soldered pendant silver charmJS Lindsay, Kentucky Girl:
glass, paper, solder, and beads

Having once tried my hand at making soldered pendants, I have a genuine appreciation for all the little details that go into making Kentucky Girl's miniature artworks out of microscopic glass slides and solder. For an example of how to make similar pendants, visit the Lapidary Journal for a step by step tutorial guide.

soldered pendant silver charmGolden Eagle Animal (Totem), Kentucky Girl:
glass, paper, solder, beads, silver Eagle Spirit charm (Hint)

Virginia also creates custom Oriels that tell your personal story through collage and mixed media. Sometimes I feel pretty lucky when a Kentucky Girl creation is enhanced by one of Hint Jewelry's silver charms, such as Eagle Spirit pictured above.

To learn more about Kentucky Girl's creations be sure to visit her blog My Mane Blowing in the Wind.


  1. great post, beth... kentucky girl does such beautiful work... and i am on a mixed media/new techniques journey - actually have my solder and glass at home already... thank you for the tutorial... at this moment, your link within shows an image of the ishtar gate - what a wonderful work that is... off to read that post!

  2. She does amazing work... She made me an oriel of my cat... also she picked colors that were my favorite and she hadn't even asked me my preference.

  3. Thank you so much Beth for mentioning me in your blog! I am blushing and running around whooping at the same time. I like how you support your fellow artists and of course I love your charms...your work is so...soul deep...and filled with joy and good humor!

  4. Mary Jane, what fun you are on a mixed media journey. Have fun working with soldered pendants :)

    Chrissy, how amazing that Virginia new your colors!

    Virginia, you are so welcome!! What fun to make another beautiful gal blush :) I've enjoyed our connection and look forward to seeing your new collection.


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