Reiki: The Mountain & Absurdity

reiki cards
Three weeks ago my life felt unbalanced. Sleep has become work for me, but this isn't a surprise because usually when I seek emotional growth insomnia emerges. So I decided to turn to my Reiki cards for direction. Usually I play with Reiki in a pretty loose manner, but after three weeks of pulling the same card three times, I'm sensing a powerful gift happening.

The card I keep pulling is called "The Mountain: Spiritual Attainment." It always comes up in the reverse with a focus on "Absurdity," which implies that I am nearing a transformation and rebirth. There is a promise of something new to come. In archetypal Reiki, the mountain symbolizes a passage to a state of consciousness more connected to the Divine.

I should feel excited. I mean I'm usually driven by this idea of something wonderful and new, but today when I pulled the card I sensed resistance. I want the card, but lately "The Mountain" is beginning to feel like a job interview that I just can't gauge the outcome. In this brief moment of recognizing reluctance, I began to hear a long list of negative thinking in the back of my head.

Do you ever feel stuck in this in between place? A place where you don't know what is coming, but you get to make the choice of excitement over dread and you choose the latter?

The gratitude for me is in this small moment of recognizing that I have been disconnected from my fear and taking the time to offer myself some thoughtful compassion. Sometimes our own selves are last on the list for receiving kindness and empathy, but when you finally nurture yourself something blossoms and expands tenfold.

Right now I am hoping you too are taking a moment to offer yourself some love and support as we move through autumn -- a momentous season of change...


  1. Reiki cards? Similar to tarot? and yes, I feel like I am stuck in a place as well... Combination of Fall and missing E.

  2. I have never heard of Reiki cards...color me intrigued! I am feeling that right now as well. But if I were faced with the excitement of something new then I would jump at it without thinking it through thoroughly. I know I have to be open to possibilities and the ones that present themselves to me may not be what I thought they would be nor what I think I want, but I know that in the end there is always good and that attitude makes all the difference. You never cease to fascinate me Beth! I would love to know more! Enjoy the day! Erin
    P.S. I keep visiting your little bee... really, all of your charms. I will have her one day!

  3. Hope you are "over the mountain" soon - be good to yourself, you deserve it!
    BTW, your kitty is gorgeous!

  4. very beautiful beth... and you are right about sometimes choosing dread... maybe because you worry that you will hit that ceiling where you cannot become what you are wishing you could? truth in the recognition of it being a gift to see your reaction to the card... your very self is ever expansive... wondering what color butterfly you will be this time?

  5. Hello Beth,

    I'm in that in-between place too. Sometimes it is difficult to find your way, but it can be helpful to have the "heads-up" of the cards or other signs. Keep on keeping on.


  6. ooooh, please tell us more about these reiki cards! I took some classes and received my level one reiki certification but I've never heard of reiki cards. They sound interesting!

  7. Hi,

    It is a great post on Reiki.

    The Reiki, taught and given by Reiki Masters, is an ancient Tibetan art of a natural healing technique that affects the person on all levels physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Unfortunately Reiki energy at this time cannot be explained along current scientific or even mainstream therapeutic lines of thinking.

  8. Thanks for all your kind words!

    Mary Jane, your wisdom is always appreciated.

    Emanda hugs to being in between too!

    Stregata, thanks for the support and loving up my kitty :)

    Thanks Duane, your expertise on Reiki is very much appreciated.

    I love exploring these cards, and yes you can use them somewhat like tarot. You can ask different questions and use a variety of layout patterns to find guidance and healing. This deck uses both Reiki and chakra symbols as a way of searching for spiritual growth. Since I know very little about Reiki and the practice of these cards I will use a direct quote from the book: "Archetypes function in the psyche as the facilitator of the union of opposites: positive and negative, dark and light. And it is in the resolution of the tension between opposing forces that we experience growth. Archetypal Reiki helps us to work through and resolve the tension present within ourselves, symbolized by the archetypes found in the Healing cards and the ways that we handle them"

    I admit I like this deck better then my Tarot cards because the author's book is so beautiful combining ancient divination, Reiki, and Carl Jung. After each explanation of a card she offers a guided meditation and a positive affirmation. They are quite rejuvenating to experience.


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