Squirrel Season

silver squirrel charms hint jewelrySquirrel Play, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): fine silver

FINALLY!! My Fall squirrels have arrived at Hint Jewelry. I've been working on this little guy for almost a year now and what you are looking at is the third revision.

I'm not complaining, but rather I'm offering some insight into how long it takes to create some designs and just how many times I have scrap what I've made and make changes. For me this is normal. Making art takes time, patience, flexibility, and a willingness to let go and start over.

So my squirrel took a year...that's okay because now I'm ready to pinch his cute, chubby cheeks and accept his tiny offering :)


  1. I like 'em. I've worn a squirrel pendant for years that my wife gave me. One of my names for her is Fluffy Squirrel after a children's book that I've owned for 55 years and counting.

    I came here by way of Lisa Ballico's blog, and then saw that you are in Portland, but you didn't say which one. I'm in Eugene, which is 110 miles from the Portland in Oregon.

  2. Cute! We saved two baby squirrels last summer when they either were pushed or fell out of their nest in a tree in my front yard. They are very interesting creatures! I may need one of these charms to capture the memory of staying up all night before I could take them to the animal rescue place! There are actually people who care for baby squirrels for weeks before they can go out in the wild, which means they stay up and feed them every two hours around the clock!

  3. near & dear to my heart... your squirrel is charming (no pun intended)... i rehabilitated a squirrel named skeet and it was a wonderful experience... there are pics of him on my flickr acct -

  4. He is just adorable and perfect timing for fall!

  5. I collect squirrel themed things and I might have to add that to my collection. It's really adorable!

  6. Snowbrush, how cool you honor your wife and squirrels every day! I do reside in Portland, Oregon, so a big wave to you :)

    Sue, it is amazing how many people have rescued a baby squirrel, I've never seen one and they must be really fragile.

    Mary Jane, why am I not surprised that you have have rehabilitated a squirrel named Skeet! You and Sue have generous animal hearts :)

    Thanks to all for enjoying this token of fall!!


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