Using Autumn for Creative Inspiration

fall leaves photo
What do you love most about fall?


leaf pattern photo

texture leaves photo

fall grass photo

fall berry photo

fall leaf photo

silver tree charm necklace thanksgiving harvest jewelryHome Harvest, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry):
citrine, carnelian, garnet, amber, green tourmaline, fine and sterling silver

I love them all and would be hard pressed to choose one. Taken as a whole, autumn provides oodles of creative inspiration. To honor this glorious season, I created a Home Harvest necklace that captures all these elements so as to tell a story of memory...

drinking warm cider, breathing crisp air, raking leaves, apple picking, baking pumpkin bread, and gathering together to give thanks and enjoy the harvest.

What autumn memories would you add to this list?


  1. standing in the midst of my favorite park with no one around, listening to the rustling leaves and watching them fall like drizzling rain... being near the river with my eyes closed, listening to the migrating birds as pass by...

  2. Such a lovely post to look at today. I love the fall as well...too bad it is fleeting. But that is why we love it so! I was married on Oct 24 and it was the most brilliant day... it was 70 degrees in WI and though most of the leaves were off the trees, it was a bright blue kind of day. Thanks for the inspiration. Enjoy the day! Erin

  3. i love the colors and textures!
    drinking mexican hot chocolate watching a spooky movie.

  4. Love your photos, Beth. The quality of the light seems so much richer in the fall, especially in the early morning and in the evening, an almost ethereal feel. The cooler weather brings more energy but also a need to start cocooning. A bittersweet time of the year.


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